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by Art Star on December 28, 2009

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Every so often, an item will grab us in New Product Development by the lapel, tug us closer, and make us love it. A couple of years ago, we fell in love with zines.  It began with The Monster Who Ate Stars by Souther Salazar.

By Souther Salazar
I mean.  Come on.  How friggin cute?

Don't get old

Art Director, Mitch Nash, saw this little zine at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn.  He brought it back to the office and we all were smitten.  We decided to make books.  All in all we made 28.  The world’s smallest coffee table books. 


We started with The Monster Who Ate stars – produced them ourselves – and then began to scout out other material.

I had a few Blue Q Books favorites – Esther Pearl Watson’s Romeo and Juliet and Mark Todd’s Bad Asses among them.

But one that is near and dear is  Cat and Gnome by Graham Roumieu (because I scanned in each handwritten page from Graham’s journal.  He wrote this book at the airport while waiting for his delayed flight – after a recent ended relationship).

And check out this.  Cat and Gnome made it to the Top 10 Books to carry you through to the new decade!

Cat and Gnome
Sweet endpages
Arts section
your mind blowed
I gotta say, each of our books are completely designed to the smallest detail.  They are darlings and we wish we could work with more and more artists and authors on the Blue Q books….but some categories see their inevitable end. 

They await you.  Check them out….

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