Designer Workspaces, Part Two – Jesus Had a Sister Productions

by Art Star on April 1, 2010

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 This IS Jesus Had A Sister Productions.  In case you were wondering.  Also known as, Dana Wyse. 

Blue Q’s Art Director, Mitch Nash, first saw her pills at a museum in Los Angeles.  He brought them back to the office and thus began the years long relationship.

There is more to say about Dana than is possible in the timeframe you have to read this.  She wrote a book for godsakes, titled How to Turn Your Addiction to Prescription Drugs into a Successful Art Career.

So for now, I’ll just tout some of the genius products she did with us, and then you get the priviledge of peeking into this brilliant artist’s studio in France below.  (Oh, and she’s Canadian.  I just feel, for some reason, that that’s important to mention….on many levels.)

Instant Irish Accent Mouth Spray.

Instant Gay Accent Mouthspray.

Don’t Have Ugly Children Gum

I’m savin’ up to quit my job! Tin Bank

And this is where the magic happens.

And I wish I could tell you more  but it’s kinda secret so I’ll just HINT at something super duper cool coming to a store near you…..look for it this Summer….

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