Manhattan Restaurant Review

by Handyman on February 12, 2010

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Finding a decent place to eat in Manhattan is a hideous chore.
Only because . . . where do you even start ?

Spice Market Sign

On my most recent trip to Manhattan, I was lucky to meet up with my Cousin Margaret .  She had a thought or two.  And it was restaurant week !

Originally it was going to be two of us at the Fig and Olive .

But, when it became three of us and the Fig and Olive wouldn’t be able to accommodate our enlarged party – we had to find an alternate eatery.

Margaret suggested Spice Market on the corner of 9th and West 13th in the Meatpacking District of lower Manhattan.

It was fantastic!

Spice Market inside

It’s an Asian something or other type place with a decent wine menu and lots of choices.  All were very attractively presented and we had an animated waiter guy.  He was real, not a cartoon or anything.  Well, he could have been a cartoon but he was a real human – you know the type I mean.  Anyway,

I didn’t know anything about Jean Georges Vongerichten so I didn’t know that I should have been paying closer attention to the decor and food and such.  I’ll need to go back now that I know I should have appreciated it more.  You can have a very good dining experience for $60 – $70 per person – easily.

Visit Jean-Georges’ blog to read about the new restaurant opening – The Mark Restaurant on the Upper East Side.

I know that some of my co-workers went to the Fatty Crab.  They do like that place, but I’ve never been.  We used to go to Florent - but it closed.  I had another dinner at the Lasagna Restaurant (really, that was the name) right on 9th in Hells’ Kitchen.  I had a lobster lasagna.  It was good.  I was trying to find Thalia but it was on 8th not 9th so I thought it was closed.

See, there are so many place to eat!

Where should I go next time I’m in the city ?

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